Featuring the McCall’s M7946 sewing pattern

Hi! This is my first blog post eeekkk!! I am so excited to share lots of fun projects along the way. So let’s get started!

I am loving the gingham shirred dress trend at the moment so I decided it was time to make one for myself. I decided to use the McCall’s M7946 sewing pattern. This is a beginner sewing pattern and so straightforward to make. You basically need a front, back and sleeves and you have a gorgeous dress!

To make this dress I firstly straightened the curve at the front so it would follow the lines of the shirring better later on. I did also cut out a larger size because with all the shirring at the bust I didn’t want it to be too tight. I lengthened the sleeves by 2” as I love sleeves to finish at the elbow.

Once I had cut all my pattern pieces out and tried to match the gingham pattern as best I could, I was then ready to sew it all together! Shirring can be a bit scary at first but once you set your sewing machine up and do a few practice runs, it is really easy and so much fun! I made the sleeves as per the instructions but I hemmed them and then 1” above the edge I did 4 rows of shirring. I think this makes sleeves look so cute and ruffles the edge slightly!

Then I sewed the back and front pieces together. I did a rolled hem along the top edge. Starting at the side seam with the right side up and 1” from the top I started my shirring. I just basically stitched in straight lines all the way around the bodice until it reached my waist. This does take a long time so be warned! Straighten your fabric as you are stitching and go for it!

Once all your shirring is done then just attach your sleeves and sew your hem and you are done.


McCall’s M7946


Any light to medium weight woven fabric. I would not use anything too thick as your shirring will become really bulky.


This pattern is really easy to make and perfect for a beginner. It requires no fastenings so is really quick to make too.


Because the top half of the bodice is made up of shirring it is really close fitting. The rest of the dress is left floaty and voluminous.


Try to keep your shirring lines as evenly spaced and straight as possible. It really makes the end result look great!

Overall, I would definitely make this dress again. It is the perfect flattering summer dress! The pattern uses channels of elastic to fit the bodice which I definitely want to try one day.

Thank you so much for reading!!

Big hugs, Chantelle xx

A special thank you to the beautiful Jay Jay – @thecamdenstitch for all your help and Samantha – @sewbytheseaside for the AMAZING illustration!!! Also a big thank you and kiss to my husband Bryan for being the best photographer ever! ❤️


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